I discovered photography a few years back which I now find was a bit late considering that any gievn place has its own characteristics that could eventually be translated into a meaningful image(s). Since then, I have been trying to get some momentum to catch up and learn much faster than my own learning capabilities.

I believe photography is a combination of intimacy with scenes, learning to observe, creating a vision, reading the light, paying attention to shapes/lines, developing excellent technique, and creativity in post processing. First learn them, then bring them together, and then play with them and the image you are looking for could be born.   

My style has been mainly focused around structures, landscapes, and the powerful oceans. I capture and process the images as monochrome as I find the mood and feel of colorless images traditional, mysterious, and in correlation with what I am aiming to create. I am also involved with some commercial photography in parallel to making fine art images.    

I hope your experience with this site would be a pleasant one!


Post Processing

It should be no surprise that the camera alone is not capable of producing images that are similar to what we actually experience with our own senses. In fact, the majority of images coming directly out of the camera are somewhat deprived in their tonal range, contrast, and luminosity. As a result and apart from one’s choice – film or digital – some amount of post processing is essential to presenting the scene with its true and corrected form.  

Now a days, the technological advancements in digital darkroom has made the practice of image editing beyond what the traditional dark room has to offer and more and more artists are using the latest tools from the digital world. I must also underline that the notion of post processing has become a separate field of art by its own and this is clearly visible through imageries of some the most talented photographers like Marc Adamus,Tony Kuyper, Alexander Vershinin, and Clyde Butcher. 



The images on this website are captured using a variety of professional digital format cameras over the years. At the moment, my current choice of equipment is full frame digital slr of Nikon and Phase One Medium Format Camera along side circular polarizer, solid neutral, and rarely graduated neutral density filters.


Artist Info

Born: Tehran, Iran

Home: San Francisco, California

Education: B.S Cell & Molecular Biology / Minoring in Chemistry