Fine Art Prints

Fuji Film

These true photographic prints are made of the highest collectible quality - suitable for museum and gallery display. These prints are offered on Fuji Crystal Archive Paper - Matte or Pearl - both of which mark a new era in printing of superb digital images with a distinctive visual interest and depth, sure to capture viewer's attention!

Matte - designed for such use as exhibitions and commerical photo applications, Fuji Crystal Matte delivers rich tonal gradation, vidiv color reproduction and lasting print permanence. This paper also contains High D-Max for rich blacks with slightly reduced color saturation levels. This type of Fuji Archive is best suited for Black & White images.
Pearl - designed for the same use in exhibitions and commercial photo applications, Fuji Crystal Pearl delivers fine qaulity gloss while maintaining a distinctive metalic appearance. This paper has a thicker base allowing the saturation of colors to stand out a bit more. This type of Fuji Archive is best suited for Colorful images.

Digital Laser Printing

I exclusively outsource all print related activities to Digital 1 Color, a well respected laboratory based in San Diego, California. The level of professionalism and quality of their work is simply unrivaled within the printing industry! For more information about this company please visit their website

Digital laser printer creates an output that no inkjet, dye sublimation, or electronic printer can even come close in respect to degree of image details. Therefore, Digital 1 Color processes all of our prints using their LightJet 430 Laser Imager. The continuous tone resolution of LightJet 430 is equivalent to 4000 dpi printer, with no visitble dot pattern. The image quality producded by this imager is the gold standard in the industry. 




All images were captured using either a Nikon D800E (36 Megapixel) or Phase One P40+ Medium Format Camera (40 Mega Pixel). These camera are the best in their class and the resolution, depth, and vibrancy of the images are literally unmatched. 

Print Pricing

The images available to purchase are optional at any size depending on your need. However, as a point of reference, I have included, in the below charting, the standard sizes that are produced on a common basis. To order prints, visit the gallery and view the images. There is a print ordering selection for each images that allows you make your request. All prints are sold with 100% satisfaction guarentee and may be purchased via PayPal, Credit Card, or by contacting me to make some other arrangements.    


Print Size Price Add Face Mount/Back Frame
25” x 25” (1:1 Ratio) $300           $300
30” x 30” (2:3 Ratio) $400           $350
30” x 45” (2:3 Ratio) $500           $400
32” x 45” (4:5 Ratio) $550           $400
32” x 48” (2:3 Ratio) $800           $600


* Additional Print Sizes Are Available Upon Request.



Please allow approximately 2 weeks for print only orders, and 3-4 weeks for framed orders to arrive. All prints are professionally wrapped by Digital 1 Color and shipped via UPS or FedEx.