Face Mounting

Image Face mounting of photographic images behind acrylic is one of the most impressive ways of presenting photographs. This technique is widely used in museums and galleries these days. This method adds a third dimension to a two-dimensional image and protects the image against scratches, dirt and aging. Acrylic photo mounting provides a brilliance and intensity which is not possible with conventional photo mounting methods.

This technique uses the acrylic media with the print fused to a smooth elastic base. The print is fixed to the back of the Plexiglas with a special adhesive, forming an airtight bond. Thus the image sharpness, contrast and color saturation are enhanced in the Plexiglas mounting method. Diffusion of light is reduced because of the homogeneous quality of the Plexiglas media, thereby making the colors appear more brilliant, more intense, and sharper.

The superior qualities of the acrylic photo mount are not very expensive compared to standard framing. One of the popular ways to display a Face Mounted Photo is to do a sandwich display with stand-off hardware.


Traditional Wood Frame

Shown in a Floater Frame:If you are looking for more of a traditional look and prefer framing the acrylic, then the options are endless. The acrylic would be fitted into a frame similar to how a canvas is. There is not a need for glass of course. The moulding would go directly around the acrylic as shown below.